November 08, 2007

November 07, 2007

Ghost & Wu Album Covers

DOPE! In stores December 4.

Looks much better than I thought it would. In stores December 11.

November 06, 2007

Hov on VH1 Storytellers

American Dreamin':


I Know:

November 05, 2007

Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos - Superstar (VIDEO)

First single off Lupe Fiasco's The Cool, in stores December 18.

November 03, 2007

November 02, 2007

Snoop Dogg - Sexual Eruption

Snoop's getting his T-Pain on:

Snoop Dogg - Sexual Eruption

G-Unit - Feel Good (VIDEO)

Hov XXL Outtakes

Speaks on the Roc, among other things with XXL.

Cam Is Back

He's got a new mixtape, Public Enemy #1, due on the streets the day after Hov drops, and a new interview with Miss Info explaining his extended vaca.

October 26, 2007

Clipse Sign With Columbia

They wasn't playing fair at Jive, so now they've got (what sounds like) one of those 50/50 joint venture deals @ Columbia.

Full Story

October 19, 2007

Ghostface Killah - Celebrate

First single off new album, The Big Doe Rehab, in stores this December.

Props to the mighty eskay.

Ghostface Killah - Celebrate

Fat Joe feat. Lil' Wayne - The Crack House

Off the forthcoming album The Elephant In The Room, due out next year.

Fat Joe feat. Lil' Wayne - The Crack House

October 18, 2007

Q-Tip, Common & Skillz Freestyle @ The Norva

From the Tip & Common show at the Norva in Norfolk two weeks ago.

Rick Ross feat. R. Kelly - Speedin'

Don't worry, the man next to him is nowhere to be found on this record. It's actually the first single from Ross' next album, Trilla, due out later this year.

Rick Ross feat. R. Kelly - Speedin'

Ludacris feat. Rick Ross & Bun B - Down In The Durty

Off the Disturbing The Peace compilation.

Ludacris feat. Rick Ross & Bun B - Down In The Durty

Shout to CL on the pic.

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Dame and Biggs are planning a tribute to Hov's debut album. [MTV News]

Here's a few joints off the tribute album:

Kanye West - A Million And One Questions
Juelz Santana - You Must Love Me
Freeway - Politics As Usual

New Weezy

Since there was the first Lil' Wayne MP3 leak in quite a while (two weeks), here's most of the good stuff that came out of it. Because there was quite a lot of trash.

Lil' Wayne - Rider
Lil' Wayne - I Took Her
Lil' Wayne - Smoking Session
Lil' Wayne - Do What We Do
Lil' Wayne feat. Twista - Burn This City
Lil' Wayne - Trouble

Lil' Wayne feat. Babyface - Comfortable (better quality on the way)
Lil' Wayne - Gossip (Live)

Nas Speaks The Truth

So the talk has already heated up over the title of Nas' ninth studio album, Nigga (now changed to Nigger). FOX News, never slow to report on these types of stories, reported that the next Nas album would not bear the controversial N-word. In a MTV News interview, God's Son clears up a few things:

"I don't know where that [report] came from and neither does Def Jam," Nas said early Thursday morning (October 18) in a Manhattan recording studio when asked about a Fox News article published earlier this week. The story quoted a "source close to" label head L.A. Reid, who scoffed at the thought of the company supporting an album with such a title, and also claimed the album was not on the label's release schedule. "None of us knows where that came from."

More importantly, he takes out time to address our "black leaders":

"I'm a street disciple," Nas responded, quoting one of his earlier album titles. "I'm talking to the streets. Stay out of our business. You ain't got no business worrying about what the word 'nigger' is or acting like you know what my album is about without talking to me. Whether you in the NAACP or you Jesse Jackson. I respect all of them ... I just want them to know: Never fall victim to Fox. Never fall victim to the sh-- they do. What they do is try to hurry up and get you on the phone and try to get you to talk about something you might not know about yet.

"If Cornell West was making an album called Nigger, they would know he's got something intellectual to say," Nas continued. "To think I'm gonna say something that's not intellectual is calling me a nigger, and to be called a nigger by Jesse Jackson and the NAACP is counterproductive, counter-revolutionary."

Wow. Couldn't have said it better myself.

2007 BET Hip Hop Awards Performances

Ye performing "Can't Tell Me Nothin'" + "Good Life"

Weezy performing "Gossip"

BONUS: Lil' Wayne - Gossip (Live) MP3

Common performing "Drivin' Me Wild"

October 17, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Cam'ron Found!

Someone call the Missing Persons hotline, case closed.

October 14, 2007

T.I. Arrested On Federal Gun Charges

Damn homie.

CNN has the full story, while TMZ has the press release from the Department of Justice and the Feds' affadavit and search warrant.

It was all good just a week ago...

October 12, 2007


I did dodge this subject for a reason. One, because I knew by the time I got around to it, everybody else would've said everything there was to say.

So if you have no clue what I'm talking about, check out okayplayer and LOL 'til you get sore.

October 04, 2007

Loose Ends

The Capo has made his move, and it's not with G-Unit: it's with Sony. [Miss Info]

Lil' Wayne has no problem with being a whore, along with other statements clearly made under the influence of some drug. [Vibe]

The K-I-double can be easy now that those charges were dropped. [SOHH]

Skillz On The Hip Hop Honors Tour

MAAAAAAAAAAD late on this one. Skillz told me weeks ago about the blog, and now I'm just getting around to linking it. That's a you-know-what for you. Check it out tho:

2007 Vh1 Hip Hop Honors Tour Blog by the kid with the backpack

American Gangster Preview

XXL head YN-in-charge Elliott Wilson got the first official preview of Hov's new album over at

YN's American Gangster Preview: Uncontrollable Hustler's Ambition

Gucci Mane - Freaky Gurl (UNCUT VIDEO)

OK, I'm not tryna turn into something it shouldn't be (lol), but I thought the people would enjoy this as well.

Once again, NSFW.

50 Cent - So Serious (VIDEO)

Off the 25th (and final) installment of G-Unit Radio, entitled Sandra's Baby Boy.

Holla @ Eskay for the link.

October 03, 2007

T.I. - Hurt (VIDEO)

My favorite joint off the album. Featuring Busta Rhymes & Alfamega.

October 02, 2007

DJ Khaled & Everybody Else - I'm So Hood (Remix)

Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Big Boi, Lil' Wayne, Fat Joe, Rick Ross & Baby on the 1,000th posse cut from Khaled this year.

He must have 30 verses each from Wayne, Jeezy, and Ross locked away somewhere. Not to mention he gets about 200 verses a day via e-mail from Fat Joe.

DJ Khaled featuring, um, Various Artists - I'm So Hood (Remix)

Ja Rule - Body (UNCUT VIDEO)

NSFW folks.

September 30, 2007

Kanye On SNL

"Stronger" + "Good Life"


"Champion" + "Everything I Am" (complete with f-ups, freestyles and all)

September 25, 2007

Lil' Wayne & Juelz Santana Parody

Hilarious. Even though homie didn't look like Santana, the flow was on point.

Kanye West On Nightline

Life Lessons:

On Bush:

On The Media:

September 24, 2007

LL Throwin' Shots @ Hov?

God, please let this happen.

September 21, 2007

Jim Jones Puts VH1 In Their Place

Just goes to show you reality TV ain't reality TV.

Jay-Z - Blue Magic (Trailer)

Shout to Young Sav & Steve-O.

September 20, 2007

Jay-Z - Blue Magic

Here's the radio rip, CDQ is on the way:

Jay-Z - Blue Magic (HOT 97 Funk Flex Radio Rip)

Shout to King Allister.

UPDATE: Here's the Clean CDQ NO DJ:

Jay-Z - Blue Magic CLEAN NO DJ

2ND UPDATE: Here's the dirty folks:

Jay-Z - Blue Magic DIRTY NO DJ

Kanye West - Stronger Revisited

Stronger Revisited from Kanye West on Vimeo.

Timbo's come a long way since looking like a pig in Fade To Black.

Saigon vs. Prodigy

I was waiting on both videos to reappear on YouTube:

Saigon's video (and his side of the story):

Here's the Mobb-influenced video:

LOL @ being able to see Prodigy clotheslined more in the biased Mobb video than the Sai Giddy one. I'm going to start a "Start Snuffing P" movement. Leave the little dun alone! Only if he had a TV to throw...

September 19, 2007

New Hov Album

Seems like he's back to the tradition of dropping every year. XXL's YN has more.

Here's a NY Times article with more info:

For Jay-Z, Inspiration Arrives In A Movie []

The Results Are In

The G.O.O.D. Guy wins.

Kanye Crushes 50 Cent In Huge Album Sales Week [Billboard]

September 17, 2007

Curtis, Diddy & Hov - I Get Money (Billion Dollar Remix)

OK, so Kanye didn't make the billion dollar cut, but here's the "Forbes 1,2,3" "I Get Money (Billion Dollar Remix)."

Shouts to King Allister & onSMASH, who have officially hit the big time with a Miss Info shout-out live on HOT 97.

50 Cent, Diddy, Jay-Z - I Get Money (Billion Dollar Remix)

Funkmaster Flex cuts Jay's verse off (of course) and speculates if Jay was going at LL in the verse.

UPDATE: The new link has the whole Hov verse. Flex tries to stir something up with Em & 50 now. He's having too much fun tonight. Easy big dawg LOL.

2ND UPDATE: Here's a clean, NO DJ, yes NO FLEX version of the record:

50 Cent feat. Diddy & Jay-Z - I Get Money (Billion Dollar Remix) CLEAN NO DJ

4TH & FINAL UPDATE: Here's the dirty:

50 Cent feat. Diddy & Jay-Z - I Get Money (Billion Dollar Remix) DIRTY NO DJ

09.15.07: Curtis & Percy on Rap City

LOL @ the ending.

September 15, 2007

BET's The Education Of Kanye West Pt. 1

"Champion" + "I Wonder":

"All Falls Down" + "Through The Wire" + Freestyle:

"Can't Tell Me Nothin":

One of the best shows BET has done in a while.

September 14, 2007

09.14.07: Curtis Back On Rap City

50 speaks on Wayne, Khaled, and what 5 rappers he would extinguish from the game. Yes, Ja & Game are on the list.

G-Unit live in the booth. LOL @ Lil' Havoc fighting with the mic stand.

Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel Live

"Stronger" Performance:

Interview (Part 1):

Interview (Part 2):

Curtis, Jimmy & Juelz Live In NYC (9/13)

From the 5 Boroughs Tour, making its first stop last night in Manhattan @ the Hammerstein Ballroom.

September 12, 2007

Fabolous feat. Jermaine Dupri - Baby Don't Go (VIDEO)

Off the album From Nothin' To Somethin', in stores now.

Curtis & Friends On Rap City (9/12)

Did Jimmy swerve everybody when he said he wasn't signing with G-Unit? This soap opera nonsense never ends.

BONUS: 50 and Soulja Boy, with Young Buck wildin' in the background:

The Early Projections Are In

The earliest of early projections from Hits Daily Double has Ye in the lead in the 700-800k neighborhood, while Fif is somewhere in the 500-600k range. For those who care, Kenny Chesney looks to be around 450-500k first week.

But it's just Wednesday, and the official results don't come in until next Wednesday. It's not looking too good for Curtis. But he has a plan.

Kanye West "Big Brother" on 106 & Park (9/11)

Big brother appears (free of charge?) in this video as well.

BONUS: "Champion/Can't Tell Me Nothin' Medley" from yesterday's 106:

09.11.07: Curtis on 106

"I Get Money":

"Ayo Technology":

50 & Kanye on the couch:

Swizz Beats - onSMASH Interview Pt. 3

Speaks on the Screamfest Lovefest @ MSG, among other things.

Kanye West featuring T-Pain - Good Life (VIDEO)

From the best album that dropped yesterday, of course in stores now.

Havoc - I'm The Boss (VIDEO)

From the forthcoming album The Kush, in stores September 18.

Cassidy - My Drink & My 2 Step (VIDEO)

From the forthcoming album B.A.R.S., coming soon.

September 11, 2007

Kanye West VMA Meltdown

It'll be aiight homie. Miss Info points out the reasons why Ye might have a reason for wildin'.

September 05, 2007

Swizz Beats onSMASH Interview Pt. 1

Another exclusive from them dudes who got the video game onSMASH.

50/Kanye Rolling Stone Cover

Been gone for a minute, been zoning out to the guy on the right's album.

Here's some excerpts from the two features:

Kanye West: A Genius In Praise Of Himself

50 Cent: Taking Care Of Business

And here's the video behind the scenes at the shoot:

August 24, 2007

DMX: "Where my dogs at? No, seriously, where the F#@! ARE MY DOGS!"

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I really thought hard about going the serious route, and then the idiot in me took over. has the entire story on X's house being raided and his 12 dogs being seized, so check it out.

DJ Khaled - I'm So Hood/Brown Paper Bag (VIDEO)

August 23, 2007

Screamfest Slumber Party @ MSG

Just some photo evidence from last night's Screamfest '07 tour stop in NYC @ Madison Square Garden. Yes, Curtis & Kanye were on stage together at the same time (it's just over record sales, and Kanye doesn't make music with Ja). Yes, Hov came out and performed "Watch What You Say." Yes, 50 was on Ciara. Swizzy and Diddy came through just for the hell of it.

More @ MTV News.

August 22, 2007

50 onSMASH Interview Pt. 2

Speaks on why he won't let Ja all the way out the cemetary, why there will only be one Curtis, and so on and so on.

August 20, 2007

50 Cent onSMASH Interview + "Part Time Lover"

Part 1 in a series of three.

And here's the Lil' Wayne & Baby diss record entitled "Part Time Lover" (off the new mixtape Sabrina's Baby Boy), finally w/o the Drama King:

50 Cent - Part Time Lover

August 19, 2007

August 16, 2007

50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks - Southside

Off the mixtape Sandra's Baby Boy, leaking soon. Couple words for Interscope label head Jimmy Iovine & ol' punching bag Irv Gotti on here.

Curtis September 11. Don't forget it, but Curtis wouldn't let you if you tried.

According to Curtis, he's not in competition with another rapper who drops on the same day. Hey, he'll even do magazine covers with that rapper, and it's not the mag you think it is, because a certain YN isn't too happy with that.

50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks - Southside

August 14, 2007

Kanye West feat. Lil' Wayne - Barry Bonds

Off Graduation? Clean version, should have the dirty up soon.

Kanye West feat. Lil' Wayne - Barry Bonds

UPDATE: Yep, according to MTV News, Weezy has the distinction of being the only guest rapper on Ye's Graduation, in stores 9/11.

Jay-Z - Dig A Hole (Original Version)

This version's produced by Just Blaze and contains a new third verse. Some of ya'll might know this beat from Fab's "Return Of The Hustle" off of From Nothin' To Somethin'.

Jay-Z - Dig A Hole (Original Verse)

August 13, 2007

Lil' Wayne: Carter III This December

He makes the statement at the 0:15 mark. So much for waiting until '08. I guess he's scared somebody's gonna leak the whole album before then.

Snoop Dogg Roasts Flava Flav

August 11, 2007

FAM'LAY feat. Pharrell - Da Beeper Record (VIDEO)

Off the forthcoming album Dat Missile, still coming soon.

August 10, 2007

August 09, 2007

50 Cent feat. Robin Thicke - Follow My Lead

Curtis. 9.11.07. Buy the album (but make sure Graduation's already in your hand before you go to the register).

UPDATE: Miss Info's reporting that Curtis isn't having the best night ever, thanks to somebody @ Interscope letting this record leak.



50 Cent feat. Robin Thicke - Follow My Lead


50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks - Me I'm On Some Shit (off the new mixtape Sandra's Baby Boy)

Kanye West To Beans: "Don't Disrespect Me As A Man"

Kanye responds to Beanie Sigel's suspect accusation of Ye being, um, funny.

BONUS: Kanye performing on 106 & Park and accepting Curtis' challenge

August 08, 2007

VIDEO: Swizz Beatz, Fabolous & Cassidy - Big Things Poppin' (REMIX)

The second video for this remix. Was it really needed? Anyway, here's something off of Swizzy's album, One Man Band Man, in stores August 21:

Swizz Beatz - You Know Your Boy Did That

Sean Kingston feat. Lil' Boosie & Fabolous - Beautiful Girls (REMIX)

After living on pop & urban radio for the last two months, he only sells around 75,000 copies his first week? I guess now it lives for another two months thanks to Boosie & Fabolous hopping on this record.

Sean Kingston feat. Lil' Boosie & Fabolous - Beautiful Girls (remix)

08.07.07 Kanye West TRL Performance

And here's the Graduation cover:

August 07, 2007

Behind The Scenes @ DJ Envy & Red Cafe - Dolla Bill Video Shoot

Track is CRAZY (features Fab & JD). Izzr should've blew (pause) years ago.

August 02, 2007

50 Cent feat. Justin Timberlake - AYO Technology (VIDEO)

That shit looked a little too expensive. Like, was all that necessary? It's too bad he's the only rapper in the game who can take Papoose's album budget and life savings to make one music video.

C'mon Curtis, your sales are depending on it.

Young Dro - I'm Sick Of It

Young Dro - I'm Sick Of It

BONUS: T.I. feat. Young Jeezy - She Can Get It

What's The Word?

Skillz got a few words for the people over @ XXL. Something tells me that's not all he had to say though. []

While we're over @ XXL, check out this blog Joe Budden put up a couple days ago. Joey's not lying. []

Someone important must've told Pimp C to make nice with Atlanta. [Pimp C @ MySpace]

Birdman feat. Lil' Wayne - Pop Bottles

The Video:

The Song: Birdman feat. Lil' Wayne - Pop Bottles

August 01, 2007

New Videos

Hurricane Chris feat. The Game, Lil' Boosie, Baby, Angie Locc & Jadakiss - A Bay Bay (Ratchet Remix)

Eve feat. Sean Paul - Give It To Me

07.31.07 Keith Murray Rap City Freestyle (VIDEO)

Whoa, Keith went off.

July 30, 2007

Lil Wayne - Outstanding

Another Carter 3 leak from the hottest MC in the game right now, according to MTV News?

Produced by Dr. Dre.

Lil' Wayne - Outstanding


Lil' Wayne & Juelz Santana - Poppin (The Unreleased Verses)
The Game feat. Lil' Wayne - Lyrical Homicide (shout to Lowkey, for the drops all over the record lol)

July 27, 2007

July 25, 2007

New Videos

Ja Rule feat. Lil' Wayne - Uh Oh:

Slim Thug - Woodgrain Wheel:

New Links + New Music

Pimp C is my hero. [NahRight]

Jay-Z to join Rick Rubin (and more importantly, you-know-who) at Columbia? [NY Daily News]

Speaking of you-know-who, she's working hard to remove the YouTube videos of her bustin' her ass in Orlando last night. [Sandra Rose]

Ye has an OFFICIAL "Can't Tell Me Nothin'" remix out with Jeezy, plus a new record from I Can't Feel My Face:

Kanye West feat. Young Jeezy - Can't Tell Me Nothin' (Official Remix)
Juelz Santana & Lil' Wayne - The Bad Side

July 22, 2007

Skillz feat. Freeway - Don't Act Like You Don't Know (VIDEO)

Your favorite bloggers got a nice look in the video too.

July 21, 2007

Boyz N Da Hood on Bad Boy Radio (07.18)

Jody Breeze on Soulja Boy: "I don't give a damn what nobody say, I hear another 'Supaman' record, I quit...I ain't knockin ya song brah...but you're bullshittin."

July 20, 2007