May 28, 2007

Look Who's Pushed Back


I know you never thought you'd hear "50" and "pushed back" used in the same sentence right (unless that sentence included "Game" or "Styles P."), but it finally happened. 50's third album Curtis has been moved from a June 26 release date to a September 4 release date , which is Plus' birthday btw (gifts are being accepted now).

50 shifts the weight to his parent label Interscope, saying the reason the album isn't dropping as scheduled because the label didn't deliver the album to the plant in order to be distributed and delivered world wide in a timely manner.

Or the reason could be because "Straight To The Bank" & "Amusement Park" didn't exactly set the world on fire.

Or the reason could be because he wanted to take a vacation, like this guy.

Who knows. 50 may have taken an L here, but at least his bank account won.

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