June 07, 2007

The Empire & Lil Wayne - Tha Carter 3 Sessions

Here's the Carter 3 joints that were rumored to leak awhile back. A lot of these records sound unfinished, or records that weren't going to make the album anyway. But it's new Weezy, so everybody's happy, right? The link to the whole mixtape is under the tracklisting.

01. The Empire & Lil' Wanye - Tha Carter 3 (Intro)
02. Lil' Wanye - Did It Before (Produced By Kanye West)(Carter 3)
03. Lil' Wanye - How You Like Me Now (Carter 3)
04. Lil' Wanye - Something You Forgot (Carter 3)
05. Lil' Wanye - Scarface (Carter 3)
06. Lil' Wanye - World Of Fantasy (Carter 3)
07. Lil' Wanye feat. Mack Maine - I Know The Future (Produced By Timbaland)(Carter 3)
08. Lil' Wanye - What He Does (Carter 3)
09. Lil' Wanye - Help (Carter 3)
10. Lil' Wanye - Time For Us To Fuck (Carter 3)
11. Lil' Wanye feat. Mack Maine - Zoo (Produced By Rockwilder)(Carter 3)
12. Lil' Wanye - I'm A Beast (Carter 3)
13. Lil' Wanye - Pussy MVP (Carter 3)
14. Lil' Wanye feat. DJ Khaled - Let's Talk (We The Best)
15. Lil' Wanye feat. Currency - Diamonds & Girls (Carter 3)
16. Lil' Wanye - I Feel Like Dying (Carter 3)
17. Lil' Wanye - La La La (Carter 3)
18. Lil' Wanye - C.O.L.O.U.R.S.
19. Lil' Wanye - Get It Shawty
20. Lil' Wanye - Prostitute Flange
21. Lil' Wanye feat. DJ Khaled - Brown Paper Bag (We The Best)
22. Lil' Wanye - Is It Coming Out? (Outro)

The Empire & Lil Wayne - Tha Carter 3 Sessions


william said...

There has been a mistake!!!on the mixtape “The Empire & Lil’ Wayne - Tha Carter 3 Sessions a song labeled produced by timberland "I know the Future" f/lil wayne and mack maine is false.
Timberland did not produce that song...I did ...My name is Matlock.. I dont know how it was leaked but it cost me a lot of money...i cannot do anything about it now...but promote my song... i have the original song and it is on my myspace now... if its possible for you to correct this mistake i highly appreciate it...


Anonymous said...

the fuck outta here wit dat shiiiit, if it really is yours, then you are a lame azz nicca fo lettin dat shit happen, either way u stupid lol....and yo name matlock and u got got.......lol